2716 Chalet Forest
St Louis, MO 63129
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  • MLS ID:Non-MLS
  • Type:Single Family Detached
  • Beds:3
  • Baths:2
  • HOA Fee:$125 Annually
  • Size:1,239 Sqft
  • Lot:0.18 Acres
  • Year Built:1977
  • Water:Public
  • Sewer:Public
  • Heating:Natural Gas
  • Cooling:A/C
  • Levels:1
  • Basement:Unfinished, 1,239 Sqft
  • Garage:Attached, 2 Car
Description: LOOKING FOR HIGHEST and BEST BID under possible short sale conditions to be determined by final sale price. >>>. Minimum starting bid is set at $90K* with an expectation of a final bid price well north of $100K (subject to a minimum reserve). Final offer acceptance is subject to lienholder approval. >>>. * A 5% BUYER PREMIUM IS ADDED TO EACH BID >>>. (Tour dates are below) >>>. A Deal Like This Comes Along Once In A Blue Moon. Buy It. Renovate It. Make It Fabulous! >>>. Good location, good bones, good price. This is the perfect property for anyone looking to update and fix a home to their liking, and it is priced accordingly. >>>. The house is currently occupied and shown by appointment per set schedule. Renovations would include: kitchen, baths, flooring, doors, trim, paint, minor exterior work. The end result is a 'like new' home acquired for less than what fully renovated homes have sold for in subdivision! >>>. 1) Retail value of similar ranch homes in subdivision: $170K to $185K; 2) Estimated cost of whole house renovation: $35K; 3) A 5% Buyer-paid Premium will be automatically added to your bid amount when you submit your best bid; 4) Later when the formal contract is written, the purchase price will be itemized and separated from the Buyer-paid Premium >>>. BID DEADLINE: READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY AND CALL IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. Bid Deadline is 3:00 pm on Thursday 8/27/2015. POSTED BID AMOUNTS ALREADY INCLUDE THE 5% BUYER PREMIUM >>>. EXAMPLE: a $90,000 bid amount will display as A NET OFFER OF $94,500 because it includes the $4,500 buyer premium >>>. Next bid amount could be $90,100 plus $4,505 premium for a total NET OFFER of $94,605 and so on... (HINT: divide the Net Bid Amt by 1.05 to know the buyers actual offer amount before the 5% was added). The TOP 3 BIDS will be given first chance to formalize with a written offers >>>. (IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR TROUBLE, TEXT US AT 314.604.7222) >>>. TOUR DATES and TIMES: Sat: 11a to noon >>>. Sun: 11a to 1pm >>>. Tue: 11a to noon >>>. Wed: 11a to noon >>>. Thur: Online Bidding deadline at 3 pm >>> (Hint: Place your initial bid early to become familiar with the bidding process or text 314.604.7222 for help).
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Participation in the bidding process is NOT binding for either party. Once the offer collection period has expired and the seller has evaluated all bids, the listing agent will contact the bidder with the most attractive bid and invite a formal, traditional offer.

Terms and Conditions of Sale:
Type of Sale: Short sale
Acceptable Financing: Cash, Conventional, VA, USDA, FHA, FHA 203(k)
Earnest Money Deposit: 1%
Other Information: ATTENTION: The NET OFFER amounts below already include the 5% buyer premium (see above explanation (HINT: divide the Net Bid Amt by 1.05 to know the buyers actual offer amt). Also, despite boilerplate language to the contrary, NO BID WILL BE ACCEPTED PRIOR TO THE COMPLETION OF THE AUCTION PERIOD. Upon end of bidding period, the TOP 3 successful bidders will be evaluated for viability to close and fund. Once approved, formal written offers using Special Sale Contract will be generated. Please specify whether you intend to waive or conduct inspections. 3 day max for inspections or next offer in line will move to primary. DISREGARD THE SYSTEM GENERATED APPRAISAL RIDER.
Status: Deactivated
List Price
Minimum Bid
Days to
Home Sale
EMD Cash

Seller Addendum

This feature gives the seller the opportunity to tweak the terms of the standard local contract that is the basis of a buyer's offer. By creating this addendum, the seller is outlining changes they seek to the standard local contract and will expect this signed addendum to accompany the winning buyer's formal offer should the buyer agree to the terms outlined within.

If the seller is not requiring acceptance of their terms, buyers may reject the terms outlined in the Seller Addendum and still place their bid, but they should do so knowing that a competing party with a similar offer, which agrees to the seller's terms, may be chosen instead of them to make a formal offer and purchase the property.

Agents should note that while BidLion does provide a general, default template option that allows the listing agent to create a Seller Addendum with ease, the terms within the Seller Addendum are always customized to fit the property and address the seller's wishes. Thus, the terms outlined within the Seller Addendum are, in fact, the seller's terms and should not be thought of as terms that BidLion is advocating in any way.

When creating a Seller Addendum, all agents are advised to make a conscientious effort to outline terms that do not conflict with their local real-estate laws and are fair to both parties of the real-estate transaction.


Appraisal Addendum

Low appraisals are becoming more common and can destroy a real estate deal unless the parties involved can mutually agree on a solution should this scenario occur.

For such cases, BidLion has created the Appraisal Addendum feature, which allows the buyer to express their capability and/or willingness to work through this problem with the seller should it occur after contract ratification. This eliminates surprise, gives both parties clarity on what will happen should the situation arise, provides the buyer with yet another tool to separate themself from the competition, and provides the seller with yet another tool to evaluate that competition.

(NOTE: The Appraisal Addendum is not required and is irrelevant to the buyer who is incapable of paying, or unwilling to pay more than the appraised value. Accordingly, such a Buyer is denoted in this column with "0%".)

Coldwell Banker Gundaker
5538 Telegraph Road
Saint Louis, MO 63129
(314) 487-0050
$116,550 Conv $0 $0 14 No 1% $20,000 N/A 100% $116,550
Fabulous Renovations -- Home Improvement
1 West Walling Dr
St. Louis, MO 63141
(314) 414-1111
$113,453 CASH $0 $0 30 No 1% $0 N/A 0% $113,453
Coldwell Banker Gundaker
9964 Kennerly Center
Saint Louis, MO 63128
(314) 849-2880
$113,400 CASH $0 $0 14 No 3% $0 N/A 0% $113,400
1 W Walling Dr
St. louis, MO 63141
(314) 414-1111
$112,350 CASH $0 $0 0 No $1,000 $93,500 N/A 0% $112,350
Realty-24, Incorporated
1 West Walling
St. Louis, MO 63141
(314) 542-0300
$111,563 CASH $0 $0 14 No 2% $0 N/A 100% $111,563
Fabulous Renovations -- Home Improvement
1 West Walling Dr
St. Louis, MO 63141
(314) 414-1111
$107,100 CASH $0 $0 15 No 1% $0 N/A 100% $107,100
Keller Williams Chesterfield
16650 Chesterfield Grove Rd
Chesterfield, MO 63005
(636) 534-8100
$105,000 Conv $0 $0 30 No 1% $20,000 N/A 0% $105,000*
1 W Walling Dr
St. louis, MO 63141
(314) 414-1111
$95,235 FHA $0 $0 30 No 1% $0 N/A 0% $95,235
1 west walling dr.
Creve coeur, MO 63141
(314) 414-1111
$94,605 CASH $0 $0 14 No 1% $0 N/A 0% $94,605
1 West Walling Dr
St. Louis, MO 63141
(314) 576-1476
$94,500 CASH $0 $0 30 No 0% $0 N/A 0% $94,500
* These offers have attached comments or conditions (Click the bid's net offer figure to read).
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