4015 North Euclid Ave
St Louis, MO 63115
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  • Type:Single Family Detached
  • Beds:3
  • Baths:1
  • Size:1,230 Sqft
  • Year Built:1910
  • Water:Public
  • Sewer:Public
  • Heating:Natural Gas
  • Cooling:Window Units
  • Levels:2
  • Basement:Unfinished
Description: Click the link to see pictures >>> Please read fully and text all questions to 314.973.5263 >>> PER SELLERS REQUEST, NO OFFER WILL BE ACCEPTED THAT WAS NOT SUBMITTED THROUGH THIS ONLINE BIDDING PAGE >>> Leave all lights on when touring >>>> NOTE: A BUYER-PAID ACQUISITION PREMIUM ($1,000) will be billed to Buyer at closing to cover platform costs. >>>>>>>>>> (if you increase your offer, the minimum upward increment is $1,000. e.g. you cannot go from 7,500 to 7,600 but you can go from 7,500 to 8,500) >>>>>>> READ MORE BELOW...
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Participation in the bidding process is NOT binding for either party. Once the offer collection period has expired and the seller has evaluated all bids, the listing agent will contact the bidder with the most attractive bid and invite a formal, traditional offer.

Terms and Conditions of Sale:
Type of Sale: Traditional
Acceptable Financing: Cash, Conventional
Other Information: PLEASE READ FULLY and text questions to 314.973.5263 1) All offers will be visibly posted here per seller's request. 2) When the online bidding period ends, the top bids will be invited to submit their formal HIGHEST & BEST offer on a Realtor-approved form. 3) Formal offers will be evaluated/vetted for viability to close and fund. 4) The Owner will be presented the 3 top bids and will choose one as primary + backup. 5) ONLINE BID/OFFER DEADLINE: 12:30 pm on *Friday 3/22/2019* >>> ATT'N AGENTS & INVESTORS: If you are new to our bidding platform -- we recommend placing an early practice bid and raise your bid on the final day of bidding. We also recommend that buyers do their own bidding -vs- the agent doing the bidding for them (your choice as an agent). NOTE: A BUYER-PAID ACQUISITION PREMIUM OF $1,000 will be billed to Buyer at closing to cover platform costs. This A/P will be written into the special agreements section on the Realtor Special Sale contract.
Status: Pending
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If the seller is not requiring acceptance of their terms, buyers may reject the terms outlined in the Seller Addendum and still place their bid, but they should do so knowing that a competing party with a similar offer, which agrees to the seller's terms, may be chosen instead of them to make a formal offer and purchase the property.

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(NOTE: The Appraisal Addendum is not required and is irrelevant to the buyer who is incapable of paying, or unwilling to pay more than the appraised value. Accordingly, such a Buyer is denoted in this column with "0%".)

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